Ava McBride

Ava McBride, Master of Social Work (MSW)
Certified Social Worker (CSW)
Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT)

“Every thought, feeling, and sensation within your body throughout the day offer you an opportunity to love. Good or bad, whatever you experience is a lesson or a reminder to connect with love.”
~Aletheia Luna

avaGoing through a job transition? Having relationship issues? Navigating grief? Finding it hard to identify ways to cope with all the changes 2020 has brought? I can help. I believe everyone can benefit from having a safe place to discuss what is weighing them down in a confidential and therapeutic setting. My prior work with clients has led to broad experience, and I support clients from all walks of life with a variety of topics. My approach is one that fosters wellness as a down to earth practice. Whether meeting outdoors at a park or in my office, you will find a comfortable, supportive space to connect and begin your new journey as I enjoy assuredly assisting individuals and families with navigating some of life’s most difficult seasons. Ultimately, life can throw some curveballs and make us lose focus of what is truly important. My goal is to be of help in clearing the fog so you can continue on your most fulfilling path. My background is diverse, including work via private practice, with survivors of domestic violence, and my prior role with DCBS. I also have certification in leading parenting classes and am working towards my Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Certification to foster stronger connections with the mind and body. My style is integrative and adaptable to best meet you where you are and support your needs.

At Scottville Counseling Center, we take an alternative approach to therapy, and I am thrilled to join a team that approaches our work in a unique way. Typically, after meeting with a traditional therapist, one must be diagnosed with a mental health disorder for insurance to cover the services provided. Since our focus is on affordable, quality care, we accept private pay at a rate similar to most copays, allowing us to bypass the need to file with insurance/share your info with a third party and instead focus on building a desired plan and path forward together.

Scottsville Counseling Center is also expanding the ways we can assist clients in achieving their best selves. We are providing ecotherapy to assist individuals with reconnecting with nature, and I am looking forward to planning and leading yoga classes.    

Please contact us with any questions by calling (270) 943-7818!

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