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Life has many twists and turns that can build up, making you feel overwhelmed. If left untreated, it can impact your life. You may find increased feelings of helplessness and a loss of life satisfaction.

You may face situations in life that have you feeling as if you are struggling, even if you once were able to cope through the same things easily in the past. Our ability to cope can change over time, and you may need new ways of approaching familiar life issues. You may have always brushed off the stresses from work but now find your heart racing as you drive to your job for seemingly no reason. You love your family but find by the end of the day your patience is so low because the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You might be trying to manage anxiety to successfully navigate a trip to the grocery store or are seeking new ways to cope with a chronic illness that has you altering your life plan. As anxiety increases, you may withdraw and foster feelings of isolation and helplessness.



Anxiety does not discriminate. People of all backgrounds and ages may face anxiety in their life for various reasons. Someone does not have to be in a crisis to experience anxiety or feel overwhelmed. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health challenges. This is such a regular occurrence that there are five main classifications for anxiety, impacting 40 million adults annually. It is important to understand that anxiety can increase for unknown reasons, and it can hinder your life.

Recognizing the occurrences of anxiety and your reactions to it are the first step in coping. Therapy can assist you in recognizing warning signs of a pre-emptive anxiety attack and provide techniques to gain control back of your life. Avoiding help for anxiety can be an automatic response to these feelings, but healing can be done much faster with proper support.  

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Overcome Being Overwhelmed With Therapy

Many life events can cultivate a feeling of anxiousness, but when these feelings do not pass after the circumstances change, it is important to understand what anxiety really is. When you suffer from anxiety, it is not as simple as mind-over-matter. You cannot simply “think” these feelings away. Scottsville Counseling Center has a team of skilled therapists that can help you overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Therapy offers many approaches and modalities to combat anxiety. One approach may not provide the success that you are looking for. Thankfully, our therapists at Scottsville Counseling Center are compassionate and patient, with many tools surrounding anxiety. We will take the time to address your concerns, make adjustments, and try new approaches until you feel you have reached the level of success that is defined by you. You will not feel rushed working with our team, as we believe that you should have the biggest voice in your therapy. We provide the tools and accountability, but it is set to your goals, outlined by your schedule.  

If you experience anxiety about coming to sessions, our team of clinicians are very flexible in finding a great way to provide you with therapy. Our rooms at the office are uniquely decorated and provide an in-home feeling. However, if in-home is truly more comfortable for you, we do offer Zoom appointments so you can lounge on your couch and have a telehealth meeting with your therapist. Additionally, if the fresh air helps you to relax, our therapists are happy to meet you at the park for a walk-and-talk session or to relax in a hammock while you talk. Our goal is to help you while making it as easy and comfortable as possible, and we will follow your lead. 

We focus on the goals that are important to you, and we ensure you have a safety net of caring professionals. Each situation is unique, and we can examine your anxiety to understand the root of what may be triggering it. Our therapists will provide tools and approaches that can assist you in your healing and strengthen your confidence to take back your life. Ultimately, our team hopes to work ourselves out of a job.

We are here to assist you in restoring your confidence for a brighter future. For scheduling or any questions, please call (270) 943-7818 or email us at [email protected].

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