Energy Psychology

The field of energy psychology (EP) encompasses a system of approaches that support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Psychotherapists, counselors, and life coaches may incorporate energy psychology into their practices as they utilize EP to focus on the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior, and health. 

Think of energy psychology like this: when you are operating well, your mind, body, and spirit move in concert together with your energy flowing smoothly and efficiently. This subtle energy flow is called chi (known as life force, ki, prana, and life energy). When you become ill, however, your energy level (or chi) can become depleted and slow, impacting your overall health. This includes mental health related topics. For example, if you are unable to sleep, you may become more irritable and tired, leading you to feel "stuck" in an unhealthy pattern of operation. 

Energy psychology utilizes the body's energy systems, often referred to as meridians or pathways, to promote change and healing by helping to restore the body's natural energy flow.


How does energy psychology work? 

The practice brings together cognitive based, therapeutic interventions coupled with the human bio-energy systems, which include chakras, meridians, and the biofield. Much like therapists utilize listening and discussion to help assess and support clients, energy psychology practitioners incorporate tools and resources that seek to explore underlying energetic aspects of the issue(s) through various techniques. In fact, the underlying thinking behind energy psychology is similar to that of acupuncture. David Feinstein, a clinical psychologist, researcher, and proponent of energy psychology, has likened energy psychology to that of "acupuncture without needles". Like acupuncture, energy psychology incorporates stimulating specific points along twelve major pathways that are known as meridians, which alter the body's energy.


Along with more traditional talk therapy, our practice can incorporate energy psychology tools into sessions, offering additional resources and approaches to help clients better connect mind and body. Sessions are conducted as normal in a talk therapy style setting with the therapist working collaboratively with the client to explore ways to utilize energy psychology. Those resources and approaches can then be integrated into the therapeutic plan moving forward. 

Currently, our practice offers the energy psychology modality of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, one of the of the more widely known within the field. EFT is often referred to as "tapping" since the client holds or taps areas on the face, trunk, and hands, to access the endpoints of the meridians. This tapping is strategically done on acupressure meridians to release blockages. As the blockages are released, the problem feeling can also be freed and thus move through the body.

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