Online Therapy

From the hills of Appalachia to the busy streets of Louisville, Paducah to lexington, we are proud to support clients across Kentucky by providing telehealth services.

But Why Choose Online Therapy?

Online therapy is private, convenient, affordable, and portable, offering the best of both worlds where you can get great care AND keep your privacy. You can 'meet' with your therapist/counselor in the comfort of your home or a private area with internet access across the state of Kentucky. Whether you call it online therapy, internet therapy, telehealth, or e-counseling, it's easy to get started. 

Find yourself feeling under the weather but desire to check in? No problem! Not able to make it on time due to bad traffic? We got you covered. Online therapy makes worrying about traffic, weather, or missing appointments due to sickness or emergency a thing of the past. Even if you live in neighboring towns such as Bowling Green, Glasgow, Franklin, or Tompkinsville, we can provide access to services in a way that makes it easy and flexible to help meet your schedule (and save some drive time!). 

As therapists, we've heard from individuals that "I could never get my partner to go to therapy!", or " I don't want anyone to know that I am in therapy." With the option of online therapy, now you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. Additionally, the platform utilized is accessible via Zoom, a free, user-friendly app available for download, that is HIPPA compliant to support confidentiality and privacy. 

To learn more about online therapy, including if it may be a good fit for you, please contact our office at 270-943-7818. We would be happy to explore the convenience of therapy in your home when you call. Above all, we wish to want to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the online therapy format.


Advantages of Online Therapy

  1. Kentucky travel time across the state can vary, and it can be hard to find the right therapist in your area, especially if you are located in a rural location. Online therapy brings the therapist to you.
  2. Physical limitations can make getting to or keeping appointments difficult.
  3. Online therapy is convenient!
  4. Online therapy is affordable.

Disadvantages of Online Therapy

  1. Online therapists have trouble responding immediately in a crisis situation. For instance, we will always make note of your location and a contact number before sessions because this mobile format means you can log-in to sessions anywhere. We do this because our team would need to be able to get emergency personnel to you if any kind of health event occurs (like an asthma attack).
  2. Online therapy can sometimes miss important information. The missed information is primarily body movements that are important keys in the conversation that we have together. For instance, an uncomfortable topic might make you fidget or tense up. These are clues that are helpful to know so that we get the best conversational experience. 

For more information about the services we offer, please contact our office at (270) 943-7818!

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