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Though highly rewarding, parenting can honestly be quite challenging in the modern world. It is a 24/7 responsibility that many juggle alongside jobs, the tasks associated with running a home, personal care appointments, commitments to family and friends, quality time with romantic partners, rest and recreational activities (if time allows), and much more. Increasingly, people are doing more of this with limited support, which increases the pressure and likelihood of burnout. 

Mom and Kids


In addition to the usual challenges, specific circumstances can increase the weight that falls on parent’s shoulders. Such situations include:

  • Deployment or a parent who travels often for work
  • Drug or alcohol use by one or both parents
  • Jobs with irregular schedules or 40+ hour work-weeks
  • Domestic violence
  • Children with special needs or learning differences
  • Children or teens with behavioral issues
  • Children coming out as LGBTQIA+
  • Differences in child-rearing perspectives between parents and/or grandparents
  • Parents with chronic illnesses or mental health struggles like anxiety, depression, postpartum, PTSD, grief, Bipolar, ADHD/Autism, etc
  • Lack of role models with effective or positive parenting skills
  • Single parenting
  • Separation, divorce, and remarriage

Dad and Son

Recognizing the Struggle

Sometimes, the burden grows too heavy or parents carry it for so long they become exhausted. At these points, parents show the struggle in some common ways. Overloaded parents may experience more conflict between partners or with extended family members, demonstrate increased impatience and irritability directed towards children, battle internal hopelessness or anxiety, engage in numbing strategies or mentally checkout, feel guilty when resting, try to avoid the home or sources of stress, face negative consequences at work, and/or see reduced productivity.

Whole Family

Seek Support

There is no shame in struggling as a parent; it’s very common and often a result of factors outside individuals’ control. It’s what you do when you’re struggling that most. Acknowledging it and seeking support is a wonderful first step. Our therapists are here to listen without judgement and help find strategies to address whatever circumstances you may be facing. 

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