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Jax has aspired to become a therapy kitty since his adoption in November 2020. During the work-from-home days, he often joined his mom (Erin) at the computer for telehealth appointments. It was like he could sense an emotional conversation was happening and wanted to provide extra support. A few years later, he's finally braving the car to come to the office.

Though a bit shy at first, Jax excels as an empathetic and gentle couch companion. He'll curl up beside you and hope for a session full of chin scratches. If you're lucky, you may even get some licks or the opportunity to give belly rubs. He's great at modeling boundaries too. When he's had
enough, he will politely let you know or retreat for some self-care.

Jax primarily joins Erin's sessions at this time, but Amanda's Sunday and evening clients may also request his company. We'll accommodate as his schedule and energy allows.

Safety notes: Jax is up to date on all vaccines, his nails are trimmed before coming to work, and he is regularly treated to prevent fleas, ticks, and parasites. Additionally, precautions are taken for allergy sufferers as an air purifier runs while he's in office, non-clay litter is used, and we regularly vacuum/lint roll the office.

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