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Everyone can experience low moods at some point. Some low points in our lives are part of the cycle of life, indicating that we will have a joyous ride back to the high points. These low points help us to appreciate the good aspects of life. But when the low points are lower than what seems manageable, and they last longer than is bearable, you are probably experiencing depression. Depression can cause you to feel isolated, adding weight to the burden. When you experience depression, your loved ones can also suffer alongside of you; knowing you’re hurting, but not knowing how to help. 

People experience depression for a multitude of reasons, and no reason is more valid than another. Sometimes depression is linked to trauma or grief. Other times it may be oppression and lack of options in life. However, you may feel like you have lots of privilege in life but find there is still a substantial void that leaves you feeling hollow. Outsiders may not understand when someone is battling depression, but a person’s social status, life circumstance, or education level does not dictate their ability to avoid this mental health challenge. The lack of understanding, or stigmas placed around depression, can make it difficult to navigate depression, leaving you feeling supported. That is why Scottsville Counseling Center is here for you. 



⦁ Do you find things dull that were once exciting?
⦁ Do you feel alone in your world even if you are in a crowded room?
⦁ Is there a consistent feeling of heaviness that weighs you down?
⦁ Do daily activities seem to exhaust you, and you are left with a sense of hopelessness?

Depressive moods can manifest when you are under emotionally stressful circumstances; however, depression can worsen when it is not addressed, even if the original cause has seemingly changed. 

It may be difficult to talk about depression, especially if there are preconceived notions. You may think you are facing depression alone, or perhaps you do not want to draw attention to your mental health concern, worried you will be a strain on your loved ones. You may be thinking you can ride the wave until it fades. Whatever arena you are in with depression, you are not alone.



Depression can affect people of any background, age, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status, and our team of therapists approach each situation from a non-judgmental lens. We understand that one person’s speed bump is another person’s mountain, and that is okay. Through therapy, we will provide you with the proper tools to identify obstacles that may lead to depressive states and build your confidence so you can utilize self-reflection to overcome low moods. Our therapists at Scottsville Counseling Center believes that you hold the power of coping within yourself. We will help you to reframe and reflect on areas of your life that may need adjusting, and we will hold space for you when you need to process. 


Let The Light Shine In

There may be many reasons you are facing depression, but Scottsville Counseling Center can be the beacon of light when your world feels dim. Our uplifting team of therapists are passionate about providing empathetic care during your sensitive time. We are patient when providing support because, just as your circumstances are unique, so will be your healing journey. Our therapists work with you, guiding you to a happier, more fulfilling life perspective.

Therapists at Scottsville Counseling Center will walk through your perspectives, gaining a better understanding of how you navigate your world. Depression can manifest in many different forms, and it is important for our therapists to understand your unique circumstances. We will then provide tools to help you reframe, adjust, and grow toward a future that is bright. You will have the support of a caring therapist to help you step back into a life that makes you smile. We are honored here at Scottsville Counseling Center, to help you discover your life again.


Relief is Within Reach WITH THerapy

It is true that depression can be more prevalent in some families, but that does not mean that you are doomed to be stuck with this burden. Therapy provides many approaches to address the multifaceted aspects of depression, so it is important to be open with your therapist. Providing your therapist with honest feedback on what you feel is helping will increase your healing process as your therapist can incorporate new approaches to jump over mental hurdles. Our team of therapists at Scottsville Counseling Center will patiently explore new avenues to discover the right modalities for you. We believe in your ability to find a successful approach that will help.

We’re here to walk through the dark with you and help find your way back to a brighter future. For scheduling or any questions, please call (270) 943-7818  or email us at [email protected].

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