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So often, when we think of self-care, we might think of getting a massage. It may seem a special treat; however, we may easily brush off spending the time and/or money as we may not realize just how beneficial it can be. In fact, did you know massage therapy offers numerous health benefits beyond just relaxation? For example, when we enjoy a massage, our bodies experience reduced stress chemicals, such as cortisol. Our parasympathetic nervous system, know for helping us to "rest and digest," also gets a boost. Massage has been shown to lower depression and anxiety as well. 

Per the Mayo Clinic (2018), research data has reflected that massage can reduce anxiety and stress levels along with pain and muscle tension. Additionally, massage can aid in boosting overall mood and energy levels, including those with seasonal affective disorder, and can help individuals in feeling more emotionally resilient. 

Read to learn more and/or schedule a session? If so, please call (270) 943-7818 or click the link below to book an appointment online. 


  • 60-minute massage: $68.90 (includes sales tax)
  • 90-minute massage: $90.10 (includes sales tax)



Yoga is an ancient mind and body practice with a rich 5,000-year history. To be able to participate in one's own yoga practice, the student must only possess the desire to begin. This ancient practice is commonly known in the Western world as an exercise that takes flexibility and strength. In reality, yoga is actually a practice that allows our minds to become more flexible as we align with a more compassionate version of ourselves. 

The ultimate goal of yoga isn't being able to hold yourself in plank indefinitely or having the perfect posture in a headstand. Rather, it is recognizing where your mind is during your struggles and accomplishments with the absence of judgement. When participating in any physical activity, there will be physical health benefits; however, yoga is more about the positive changes that happen within that allow us to have the confidence to identify and pursue our external goals.

We utilize yoga as a complimentary tool for finding greater balance for both mind and body. Yoga sessions are offered weekly through classes held at varying dates and times of the week. Additionally, clients may schedule one on one yoga sessions as well.

Ready to learn more and/or schedule a one on one session? If so, please call (270)943-7818 or click the link below to register online. 


  • $15.90 (includes tax) per person per each group class; or
  • $74.20 (includes tax) for a pass that covers 5 classes
  • $53.00 (includes tax) - individual yoga session


Prior to your first group class or one on one, please fill out the consent form.



As therapists, a phrase we often repeat is, "All of our emotions are okay, but all of our behaviors are not." Too often, when we are experiencing intense emotions, we react instead of respond. 

Meditation is a valuable tool that allows us to pause and observe the emotion we are having as we make space for our higher self to determine the healthiest response. For example, meditation allows us to recognize the anger as hurt and the feelings of jealousy as an unhealed abandonment wound. This is where our healing begins in the relationship with ourselves first and then others as the relationship with self sets the tone for all other relationships in our lives.

During meditation, you can observe a thought or feeling like a name scrolling at the end of a movie during the credits, not labeling it as good or bad. This allows the meditator to become an observer instead of a reactor. When we observe our thoughts without judgement, we can much more easily recognize their original origin. Most feelings we label as negative arise when we are attached to a certain outcome, item, or person. Meditation reminds us that we are whole and worthy of love and patience from others and our self, no matter the outcome.

Meditation is a great tool to utilize as part of creating a healthier narrative. Our practice offers group meditation classes, and our therapists can also share tips and tools for meditation as part of your therapeutic work. Individual or one on one meditation sessions can also be scheduled.

Ready to learn more and/or schedule a one-on-one session? If so, please call (270)943-7818 or click the link below to register online. 


  • $15.90 (includes tax) per person per each group class; or
  • $74.20 (includes tax) for a pass that covers 5 classes
  • $53.00 (includes tax) - individual meditation session



Reiki is a Japanese energy-work practices that encourages physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Its name comes from the Japanese words "rei" and "ke," which together translate to "universal life energy" that flows through all of us. When the energy is low or blocked, we can become more susceptible to illness and stress. Reiki practitioners use gentle hand placements on fully clothed recipients to help rase energy levels and restore a healthy flow of energy. 

While it may sound a little further on the "woo" side, research has demonstrated its effectiveness. Specifically, studies have found it to be more effective than placebos (McManus, 2022) and to have statistically significant improvements in affective symptoms, pain, fatigue and drowsiness, nausea, appetite, shortness of breath, anxiety, depression, and overall well-being (Dyer, Baldwin, and Rand 2019).


  • $63.60 (includes tax) - individual Reiki session (can be done in-person or remotely)

Ready to learn more and/or schedule a session? If so, please call (270) 943-7818.

To register, please visit https://scottsvillecounselingcenterwellnessstudio.as.me/ 

meditation and yoga

To register, please visit https://scottsvillecounselingcenterwellnessstudio.as.me/ 

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