Nature and Outdoor Therapy

Whether meeting outdoors in a hammock or enjoying a trek around the local park, our practice recognizes the evidence-based health benefits that occur when we connect with nature. In fact, did you know that time spent in nature can help alleviate anxiety and depression? Even a quick venture outdoors into nature, as little as 5 to 10 minutes, can aid in boosting your mood and self-esteem. Additionally, time spent in green spaces can help foster relaxation by reducing stress through lower cortisol levels. Hiking, walking, etc. outdoors via physical movement also aids in improving overall brain function, including cognitive control and both short and long-term memory


If going indoors to an office sounds confining, or traditional sit and talk style therapy has not worked for you in the past, meeting with a therapist outdoors may be for you. You may also find that connecting outdoors allows you to feel more grounded and less hectic, or that being able to walk and talk feels more comfortable when working through topics such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, etc.

Our team utilizes a local park that offers ample green space for nature-based connections along with confidentiality. During the first session, you and your therapist will discuss ways you would like to connect with and incorporate nature into your path forward while also ensuring you locate a quiet place to meet. For example, you may wish to utilize one of our hammocks as a relaxing way to talk with your therapist. Or you may want to engage both mind and body through a walk and talk therapy session. You may even want to gather outdoors for a family related meeting with your children as you work on topics such as parenting, ADHD, and more. Whatever your focus may be, our team of therapists will work with you to create a tailored, personalized approach to help you feel safe, comfortable, and engaged during your time in nature.


Walk and Talk Therapy

Do you…

  1. Find yourself feeling uncomfortable thinking about starting therapy as you'd prefer more than sitting across from someone as you talk through your insight?
  2. Notice your best thinking occurs when you can move your body while thinking out loud?
  3. Ever feel "stuck" in your current talk therapy environment, where break throughs don't seem to happen as you hope?
  4. Like the outdoors and want to incorporate nature into improving your mental health?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, walk and talk therapy might be a great fit for you!


As nature enthusiasts, and practitioners of models that recognize the importance of the body in helping to build overall great mental health, our practice is excited to offer clients an opportunity to experience walk and talk therapy. Whether you find talking through issues while maintaining face to face contact overwhelming or experience yourself feeling extra anxious and nervously energetic for your counseling appointments, walk and talk can be a great way to connect with a therapist as boosting physiological movement can sometimes help clients find it easier to work through topics, thus also boosting psychological activity. Additionally, some clients find the post walk endorphins provide an overall sense of feeling good for both mind and body post session. Even more so, clients who find themselves feeling "stuck" with traditional sit and talk therapy often find positive connection with a walk and talk approach, helping them to move forward.

What does a typical walk and talk session look like? First, you and your therapist meet to briefly develop a game plan you feel comfortable with to ensure overall safety and comfort. This includes mapping out a comfortable route and noting any potential risks along with ensuring you have the right equipment, such as good walking shoes, water, etc. You may also opt to intermittently utilize walk and talk therapy in your overall work. If there are any health concerns, your therapist may request you consult with your primary care physician concerning any questions you may have regarding your physical health and engaging in walk and talk therapy.

Confidentiality is of utmost concern, so this too will be discussed with your therapist, including best times of day to meet for walk and talk to encounter fewest people and what to do if you meet someone you know. To foster greatest confidentiality, our practice seeks to meet outdoors where we have more space to meet, walk, and ensure distance from others.

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