Finding quality, engaging care that is tailored to your needs is more affordable than you think.

While we do not accept insurance, our standard 50 minute session fee of $50.00 is comparable to some insurance copays. Initial intake (first) sessions for couples or families, where more than 1 person is present, are approximately 90 minutes and are $75.00 for the 90-minute session. This allows additional time to meet with the couple or family, review paperwork, get to know one another, establish boundaries, etc. Payment can be remitted using check, cash or a credit/debit card.

Why do we not accept insurance? Three key reasons:

1) Confidentiality & Privacy - Ultimately, one of the key success factors for successful treatment outcomes is ensuring clients feel safe and heard within the confidential space of the therapy room, which we foster and protect on behalf of clients. Sharing your treatment information with a third party creates a paper trail that neither client nor therapist have ownership nor control of.

2) Future Access to Benefits - In order to provide coverage for mental health services, your insurance company will require a diagnosis as part of the claims process, which is submitted to your insurance provider. This carries a certain amount of risk to confidentiality and privacy as your diagnosis remains on record indefinitely via your insurance carrier's documentation and may negatively effect access to obtain future benefits, such as health or life insurance.

3) Control of Treatment - Along with requiring a diagnosis, insurance companies determine tenets such as treatment frequency and number of sessions. As the expert in your journey, we honor that as we build a collaborative treatment plan, seeking to provide the greatest quality that is the best fit for you. Additionally, the requirement of a diagnosis should not be a requirement for treatment nor something that is on your permanent medical record.

Please contact us with any questions by calling (270) 943-7818!

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