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We believe in celebrating neurological differences!

All brains have the same function - to operate the body.  Yet no two brains operate the same.  Each person has a unique pattern of connectivity that makes their thinking uniquely their own.

Neurodiversity speaks to the variation in neurological functioning within the human race.  It begins with understanding that not every brain works like yours.  Other people experience the world much differently than you.

Some challenges you may experience as a neurodivergent person include:

    • Self-soothing through stereotypic behavior (such as banging your head against a pillow or wall)
    • Compulsive and obsessive play patterns
    • Difficulty with expressive speech
    • Inattention and inability to follow directions
    • Responding to questions seemingly at random (using “free association”)
    • Being hyperactive
    • Sensory processing challenges (such as tactile defensiveness in response to textures and experiences)
    • Overstimulation caused by your environment
    • Difficulty with transitions and changes
    • Difficulty fitting into societal expectations

You thrive in environments where your individual talents are maximized and your voice is valued.  You may also become exhausted, bored and disengaged when stifled.

Our approach to supporting neurodivergent clients begins with respect for autonomy.

    • Clarifying individual values
    • Setting goals to move toward those values
    • Mindfulness to increase self-awareness and improve self-regulation

We’re here to provide a safe space for:

    • Self-exploration and growth
    • Considering you as a whole person
    • Fostering and appreciating your natural curiosity
    • Identifying and building your individual strengths
    • Realizing your full potential and authentic self
    • Facilitating (rather than directing) your individual growth and development

Neuroplasticity studies have proven that brains change in response to the environment.  They are in a constant state of adapting and reorganizing, forming different patterns of neurochemical reactions.

Environmental changes can include brain injury and trauma, as well as meditation and exercise.  It’s safe to assume everything you experience leads to structural changes in your brain.

It’s time to shift away from the disease model in regards to neurodivergence.  Instead, we choose to emphasize neurodiversity, curiosity, and holism.

We choose to follow advice from neurodivergent adults, who say they need support for:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Self-esteem
    • Forming and keeping relationships
    • Coping with sensory issues
    • Bullying
    • Choosing a career
    • Accepting changes
    • Feelings of disconnection

We work collaboratively with families to:

    • Improve communication and emotional regulation within the family through The Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Mindful Parenting
    • Encourage play and physical activity to promote frontal lobe development and cognitive functioning
    • Build structure and consistency, establish healthy sleep-wake routines, and educate you about nutrition and its impact on neurological functioning
    • Teach you to approach parenting as a process to promote healthy brain development

There’s still much to learn, but we’re actively expanding our understanding.  Please contact us if you or your child are interested in support for living with neurodivergence.


For more information and/or to schedule, please contact us at 270-943-7818 or [email protected].

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