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The Other “Q”: Questioning One's Gender or Sexual Orientation

In bringing up “Q,” I am not referring to the politically-based/conspiracy theory/scratch-my-head phenomenon. Nor am I referring to the “Q” in LGBTQIA+ as queer. Instead, I am referring to that “Q” as questioning.

Typically, LGBTQIA+ is not written out as LGBTQQIA+ to make a distinction between queer and questioning, although some would prefer that allowance be made. Questioning refers to individuals who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity. Research on sexual orientation or gender identity has been rather neglectful of those who identify as questioning, yet there is a wealth of avenues to pursue.

5 Signs That Your Childhood May Have Negatively Impacted You

In my practice, I’m often asked, “How do I know if my childhood negatively impacted me?”

I get asked this question a lot because there’s no definitive checklist for what makes a childhood dysfunctional or negatively impactful. We can come with resources like Kaiser’s invaluable ACE study, but what if you don’t see yourself in the extremity of those questions asked? Do your negative childhood experiences count as “negative” if they don’t look as “extreme” as the examples given in that study?

How to Navigate Challenging Issues in Couples Therapy

Imagine for a moment, that you are going, on your own, to see a couples therapist about problems and issues in your intimate relationship, when they hit you with a barrage of troublesome questions: Is your partner willing to come in now, and if not now, then when? Would you rather just work in single therapy on your own issues? If the two of you agree to come in, can you afford a therapist for you, one for your partner, and one for the both of you?

7 Ways to Break Free from a Negative Emotional Cycle

You're having a bad day. Like most days lately, you feel anxious and worried—maybe even a bit hopeless and depressed. Nothing seems to be going right. You might think, “My life just sucks.”

Now ask yourself: Why do I have to wake up tomorrow feeling the same way I do today? The truth is that you don’t.

What Are the Warning Signs of Depression?

If you or a loved one have been feeling down for a while, you might be wondering what the signs of depression are. This is understandable. Depression can be very serious and if you suspect you may have depression, you should look for the depression signs.

How to Open Up to Your Therapist and Why It Matters

You may have secrets you’d prefer not to share, especially not right away. But when it comes to therapy, opening up can make all the difference.

3 Ways to Conquer Negative Beliefs About Yourself

Last week several of my therapy clients said to me, "I feel like something is wrong with me." One person said it as the reason why they thought they were single. Another said it was the cause of why they didn't have many friends. Another used it as an explanation as to why they thought they stalled in their career development.

When Does Anxiety Become an Anxiety Disorder?

Feeling anxious from time to time doesn’t necessarily mean you have an anxiety disorder. Here’s how you can tell which one you’re experiencing.

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