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Welcome to our practice! We're glad you stopped by. Finding a therapist you feel is a good fit is an important decision, and we are happy to help you explore this crucial step as the expert in your journey.

Scottsville Counseling Center was established with a mission to provide quality, affordable care close to home. Our hourly rates are akin to many insurance copays, providing you the choice and voice in determining your length and desired path of care while supporting utmost confidentiality with no third party filing. We know needing to take off work to meet can also prove problematic, so we offer early morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments to provide flexibility.

Our approach is tailored to your needs and desired journey. We see ourselves as your co-pilot, putting you at the heart of what we do to ensure you have the best support possible. Our expertise is broad with experience working with a variety of issues ranging from depression to anxiety, loneliness to stress, trauma to grief, relationship issues to parenting support. We support individuals, families, and couples as well. 

Our mission is to provide quality, affordable mental health services for the communities we serve. We seek to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for each client built on a personal, tailored approach that offers tools and resources for achieving a new, healthier path forward.

Please reach out to our office with any questions by calling (270) 943-7818!


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