Testing & Evaluation

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Testing and evaluation may be recommended by schools or doctors, or individuals may choose to seek out the services independently. These can be offered as a supplement to therapy or one-time services depending on client needs. All clinical testing is completed by Wade McGuire, whose profile is available here

testing Available Tests & Time Commitment

At this time we are able to provide general diagnostic testing, intelligence testing, personality testing, and autism testing for adults. Each client will have an initial intake session to go over the client’s history and reason for requesting testing to ensure that you receive the correct services for your presenting concern. General diagnostic assessments are expected to take around 5-6 hours to complete. Intelligence testing is expected to take approximately 3 hours. Personality testing will take approximately 3 hours. Autism testing can take up to approximately 8 hours.


General diagnostic assessments can be helpful for clients whose symptoms may be difficult to diagnose through traditional talk therapy alone. Intelligence testing can help clients discover more about the ways that brains work and identify areas of strength that they can use in their treatment. Personality testing can assist in finding strengths and areas of improvement in traits of their personality.

Service Fee & Payment

For testing/evaluation services, the intake session lasts approximately 90 minutes and costs $150. We then charge $100 per hour for the determined length of time deemed necessary to complete appropriate tests, which we estimate taking an average of 3-6 hours with a maximum of 8 hours. The actual length of time and cost will be discussed with client based on their specific needs during the scheduling and intake process. Payment types accepted include cash, check, or a credit/debit card.

For more information about the services we offer, please contact our office at (270) 943-7818 or reach out via email at [email protected] 

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